Fiji-Sheraton Hotel

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Project Introduction

Sheraton Fiji Hotel is a very famous resort hotel in the region and is very popular among tourists. It has 300 rooms, public areas and outdoor areas. 2023 BFP Furniture provided Sheraton Fiji Hotel with an optimal furniture solution, which perfectly combines the client’s needs and the actual situation, creating an environment that is more joyful and innovative, without losing its luxury.

Service Process

Throughout the hotel project, BFP Furniture was committed to meeting the client’s needs while maximising their satisfaction. At the beginning of the project, during our discussions with the client, we analysed the client’s needs, product preferences, etc. and gathered the necessary information for the project. Based on the project budget, floor plan layout and rendering provided by the client, the BFP team eventually developed a detailed and multiple proposal, including design concepts, material recommendations and cost estimates. At the stage of communicating product details, we sent swatches for the client to get a clearer feel of textures and colours. After confirming the details, we produced a sample set for the client’s confirmation, and only after confirming that there were no errors did we begin production of the large shipment.

Communicate the details

-Indoor sofa fabric selection

Our furniture has a modern minimalist style that creates a cosy, bright and pleasant atmosphere without losing its elegance and glamour. In order to match the hotel rooms with the overall style of the hotel and to provide maximum comfort and appeal to our guests, the pros and cons of the various materials were carefully discussed with the client, and the final choice was fabric in a relatively vibrant colour that would be more in keeping with the overall style and design of the Sheraton Resort Hotel.


Considering that Fiji is humid all year round, for outdoor furniture we recommend teak over other solid woods.
Teak is a highly prized wood with a distinctive honey-brown hue, and the natural wood oils released from teak itself give it excellent all-weather resistance that cannot be replaced by any other wood species, making it ideal for outdoor use. 
The teak wood we use is genuine teak wood imported from Indonesia. There are many fake teak wood such as iroko, Ipe wood, etc. in the market, other suppliers may use these fake teak wood to control the cost, however, the fake teak wood doesn’t have the characteristics of real teak wood.

-Outdoor Sofa PE Rattan

In the choice of rattan for outdoor sofa, we chose PE rattan, which is moisture-proof, anti-aging, insect-proof, UV-resistant, suitable for a variety of places inside and outside the home, open air or indoor are suitable, and dirt-resistant without special maintenance. Because of the humid climate in Fiji, it has good water resistance and can maintain its shape in a humid environment. BFP’s outdoor furniture rattan parts are all hand-woven by experienced workers, very tight and strong, longer use. The natural rattan is only suitable for indoor use, it is not recommended to be exposed to the sun outdoors, otherwise it is easy to break, and should be cleaned and maintained regularly, otherwise it is prone to bugs or mould growth in humid weather.


With a deep understanding of space and materials, the BFP team combined the local Fijian culture and hotel style to provide Sheraton Fiji with furniture designed with rich functionality and aesthetic value.
As the Sheraton brand continues to expand its presence globally, we are honoured to be working with Sheraton once again and remain committed to every collaboration. Let’s have a great time together at the Sheraton Fiji Denarau Hotel.


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