Choosing VICTORIA-style Furniture in Modern Home Decor

When choosing VICTORIA-style furniture in modern home decor, here are some suggestions to consider:


  • Maintain Balance:

When choosing VICTORIA-style furniture, it’s important to maintain a balance in the overall decor style. Adjust the quantity and layout of furniture based on the overall style of the home to avoid it looking overcrowded or mismatched.


Since VICTORIA-style furniture pieces are already rich in detail, it is recommended to leave some empty space in the spatial layout. Opt for design elements in soft furnishings and decorations that harmonize with them, and perhaps even simplify them slightly to achieve a refined and grand overall effect.


  • Pay Attention to Details

VICTORIA-style furniture is known for its intricate carving and decoration. When choosing furniture, pay attention to details such as patterns, curves, and decorations to add elegance to the home.



Inspect the quality of the carvings to ensure precision and delicacy. Ensure that the inlays are expertly crafted, whether they are woodwork or other material inlays. Notice any painted elements on the furniture, such as oil paintings, murals, or decorative paintings.




  • Select Appropriate Materials

VICTORIA-style furniture often uses traditional materials such as solid wood, fabric, metal, and glass. Through exquisite craftsmanship and decorative details, these pieces exhibit classical, elegant, and luxurious style characteristics.


Fabrics like velvet, silk, and embroidered textiles are commonly used for padding and covering in VICTORIAN-style furniture. These fabrics often feature patterns, floral prints, and embossing, adding a sense of luxury to the furniture.


  • Color Coordination

The frames of VICTORIA-style furniture are typically painted in dark colors or gold. Common colors include black, dark red, deep blue, brown, and gold. These colors are often used for the frames and decorative parts of the furniture, imparting a strong classical ambiance and highlighting its exquisite details and carvings. 


Choosing dark colors or gold for the frame paint in VICTORIA-style furniture can emphasize its ornate and elegant characteristics, creating a luxurious and sophisticated atmosphere.


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