How We Work

We invite you to experience our efficient and customer-centric working process. Contact us today for a consultation, and let us guide you through a journey of excellence and transformation.

Requirement Analysis

This is the initial step where we thoroughly understand the client’s needs, preferences, and specific requirements for their project. We gather all the necessary information to ensure we deliver a tailored solution.

Space Planning

After analyzing the requirements, we create an efficient and functional layout for the space. We consider factors such as spatial constraints, traffic flow, and the client’s objectives to optimize the use of the available area.

Proposal & Budget and Timetables


Based on the requirement analysis and space planning, we develop a detailed proposal that includes design concepts, material suggestions, and cost estimates. This proposal serves as a comprehensive plan for the project.

Budget and Timetables

We provide transparent and accurate cost estimates, taking into account the client’s budget constraints. Additionally, we create realistic timetables outlining project milestones and deadlines to ensure smooth execution.

3D renderings & Sample production/mock-up room

3D Renderings

Using advanced software, we generate high-quality 3D renderings of the proposed design. This allows clients to visualize their project and make necessary adjustments before moving forward with the implementation.

Sample production/mock-up room

Before proceeding with mass production, we can create samples or a mock-up room to give clients a tangible representation of the final product. This step ensures that the design meets their expectations and allows for any refinements.

Mass Production & Quality Control

Mass Production

Once the design is approved, we initiate mass production according to the agreed specifications. We have a well-established network of suppliers and manufacturers to ensure quality and timely production.

Quality Control

We have a stringent quality control process in place to ensure that all products meet the required standards. We conduct regular inspections throughout the production process to identify and address any potential issues.

Safe Transportation & Installation Guide & Aftersale Service

Safe Transportation

We take utmost care in packaging and transporting the products to the designated location. We prioritize the safety and integrity of the items to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.

Installation Guide

We provide detailed installation instructions and guidance to ensure proper and hassle-free installation of the products. This helps clients or their chosen installation team to efficiently complete the project.

Aftersale Service

Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the installation. We offer after sale service to address any concerns, provide maintenance advice, and assist with any required modifications or replacements. We strive to ensure a long-lasting and positive experience for our clients.