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Classic furniture style, also known as “classical” or “antique,” draws inspiration from the art and architecture of ancient Greece and Rome. Classic furniture features symmetrical and balanced designs, ornate details, column motifs, and references to mythology. It showcases a sense of grandeur and timelessness. Classic furniture tends to be more ornate and elaborate, has a strong aristocratic court color, exquisite workmanship and rich artistic atmosphere. It emphasizes hand-carved and elegant retro style.

Neoclassical style emerged in the 18th century as a revival of classical design principles. It drew inspiration from the classical elements but interpreted them in a more simplified and restrained manner. Neoclassical furniture features clean lines, more refined and understated ornamentation, and a focus on symmetry and proportion. neoclassical furniture leans towards simpler and more refined aesthetics.

Furniture styles with golden elements may be called “luxury,” “ornate,” or “gilded.” These terms denote the presence of ornate and decorative elements in furniture design. The use of golden metal accessories adds a touch of elegance and grandeur to the overall aesthetic, suitable for those who pursue design in large areas (such as high-end villas, large apartment…)

Rustic style embraces the natural beauty and warmth of wood, specifically oak, and often incorporates elements such as distressed finishes, aged hardware, and traditional design motifs. The rustic style celebrates a cozy and nostalgic ambiance, with a focus on creating a warm and inviting atmosphere reminiscent of traditional country or farmhouse aesthetics.

This style emphasizes clean lines, simplicity, and minimalism, with a focus on functionality and sleek designs.

Modern and minimalist style and not lacking in fashion and nobility, revealing a strong sense of design.. It won’t be out-fashioned, making your house look more advanced.

A furniture style with natural wood color and materials showcases the beauty of wood’s warm tones and unique grain patterns. It emphasizes simplicity, functionality, and the authentic characteristics of the wood. Earthy tones are often used to create a harmonious atmosphere. This style brings nature indoors and is suitable for those who appreciate organic materials.

Outdoor furniture comes in a variety of styles, ranging from modern and minimalist to rustic and traditional. Materials commonly used for outdoor furniture include aluminum, teak, wrought iron, wicker, and synthetic rattan, as they offer strength, durability, and resistance to weathering.

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